Lurking in the shadows of your bathroom, under the kitchen sink and  around your house.  Waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc upon your sewer system... the Sewer Culprits
Stop smelly, nasty and costly backups!  Avoid these culprits!

Meet the Culprits

The Clogger

This culprit is made up of fats, oils and greases which build up in drains, clogging them at some of the worst times!  

Stop this culprit!  Trash cool grease.


The Dammer

This culprit is made up of paper, hygiene, and cleaning products which get lodged in the sewer line, damming up the line!  These culprits do not deteriorate as quickly as toilet paper

Stop this culprit!   Always trash any item that is not toilet paper!


The Breaker

This culprit is the roots of trees and shrubs.  Seeking out moisture, they will make their way into sewer line cracks.  They catch debris causing the line to back up.  And over time, they can cause a sewer line to break.

Stop this culprit!  

  • Replace your line with new plastic pipe 
  • Be careful where you plant trees and shrubs.  Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place.
  • Have the roots in your sewer line cut semi-annually 

The Needle

This culprit's name says it all.  Improperly flushed or trashed needles can cause hazards for the wastewater collection and treatment employees as well as those in garbage.  

Stop this culprit!  Never flush or trash needles!

Place needles in a rigid plastic container (such as a bleach bottle, red sharps container, etc.), seal securely and call your local pharmacy.  The Special Waste and Diversion Facility partners with several pharmacies around the Casper area.  Ask your pharmacist about proper disposal.