Contain grease before you rinse dishes 

Fats, oils and grease don’t go down easily, so they don’t belong down your drain. These common cooking substances cause destructive and expensive backups into sinks, basements, your neighbor’s home or into public streets. These clogs are bad for everyone, but the good news is they’re easy to prevent.

Just contain your grease before you rinse your dishes.

Cease the grease infographic


Give the liquid about 15 to 20 minutes to cool (or long enough so that it won’t melt through plastic).


 then dispose of it into an empty, sealed container and throw your container into your regular trash. Grease containers include jars, glass drink bottles, deli meat containers, or any solid receptacle with a lid – you don’t want that grease leaking out of the bag.


Toss your liquid-filled receptacle in with all of your other trash. Now, the hard part is finishing the dishes.

Even just a little bit of grease can do a lot of damage. Garbage disposals, dish soaps, hot water, etc. don’t help. Fats, oil and grease don’t belong in our sewer system, and they’re easy to keep out. All you have to do is contain grease before you rinse dishes.