Snow Plowing


Snow and Ice Control

Plowing Procedures Snow Routes Winter Safety Parking Lot, Pathway and Sidewalks

The Streets Department is responsible for providing snow and ice control for the City’s streets.  The Parks Department is responsible for snow removal on city parking lots, city owned sidewalks, and pathways.  The goal of the snow removal is to maintain safe access for services throughout the city.  Snow removal operations are critical for safe transportation and the economic health of our city.  Winter weather can cause unsafe road conditions and snow removal can reduce, but not totally eliminate those conditions.

Our snow crews are prepared 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. When any amount of snowfall is predicted, crews are prepared to be assigned to snow control.  Crews do their best to get snow routes open as quickly as possible.  Crews focus first on clearing major arterial and collector streets for emergency responders, schools, motorists and suppliers for businesses throughout the city.

 Snow Plow

Plowing Procedures Snow Routes Winter Safety Parking Lot, Pathway and Sidewalks

Current Conditions

CASPER WEATHER It is important to make sure you know the current winter weather conditions before you travel. 



Wyoming Department of Transportation webcams and road conditions for the Casper area 

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