Fight the FOG! 

Every year people pour grease, fat, and used cooking oil down their drains clogging up their pipes and causing smelly, expensive backups in the sewer system.

Cool it!  Can it!  Trash it!

Instead, pour your grease, fat, and used cooking oil into a sealable container and throw it away in your trash!

What kind of container?

Glass jars with lids (pickle jars, sauce jars, nut jars, etc.)
Cans (soup can, vegetable can, fruit can, etc.)
Make sure your container is heat resistant. (You don't want it to melt when you pour warm, liquid grease into it).  Make sure the grease and fats cool to a solid state and throw the container in the trash.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil should be poured in a seal-able container and taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility.  Since cooking oil is a liquid at room temperature, wait until oil completely cools before pouring it into your container.  
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