Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming


Park Rules

Place trash in the trash containers.  Do not litter.

Parks are generally available for public use from 6:00 a.m. to midnight.  Some parks may have limited hours imposed and signage will indicate when the park closes.

All dogs must be leashed and under control by the owner at all times in all parks with the exception of Morad Park and Lake McKenzie Dog Park.  Morad Park is a leash free area.
All pet owners are responsible for picking up their pet's waste and placing it in an appropriate container. For more information visit Scoop the Poop.

Dogs are not allowed on the playing surfaces (fenced in areas) of any baseball/softball fields at any time.  Dogs are not allowed on the soccer fields during play.


No glass beverage containers are allowed in the parks.

No alcoholic or malt beverage is allowed in the park unless authorized by permit.
Picnic shelters, tables, and other park areas may be reserved.  If a shelter, table or area is reserved, the person holding the reservation has the right to use the shelter, table or area.  Non-reserved shelters, tables, and other areas are available on a first come basis.  To reserve a shelter, table or park area call 235-8403 or visit our Online Reservation System.

Playgrounds are open to the public at all times and cannot be reserved.

Do not tie or secure any signs, memorials, decorative wraps, or other items to trees in the park.  Trees can be damaged by these items. 

If there are any issues with any park please contact the park's office at (307)235-8283.