Casper Parks Division

The Parks Division maintains the parks, athletic fields, cemetery, and maintaining and caring for city owned trees. The Parks Division works continuously to improve its facilities throughout the City. One of the tasks includes maintaining and updating the playgrounds throughout the city. This work includes playground design, construction, inspection and renovation based on the age of the playground as well as its current condition.


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To find out more regarding the cemetery or trees, please visit the following links:


Memorials, Donations, and Sponsorships


The Parks Division installed eco-vision trail counters on November 6th 2015 in four locations listed below. The information gathered from the counters will help guide the Parks Division in future maintenance, construction, and expansion.

  • Crossroads
  • Sage Drainage
  • Tate Pumphouse
  • The Nic

Visit to view the data for each counter.

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Password: Eco123