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Park Donations, Memorials, and Sponsorships

The City of Casper recognizes the enormous value of direct community support. The City is very fortunate to receive support from scores of community members who regularly give time, money, property, and individual expertise to help ensure that Casper and participating particularly the scenic and aesthetic values of Casper are preserved and will endure; these are vital benefits and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Whether through foundations, corporations, non- profit organizations, service clubs, or as individuals, these community members work to augment the City' s capital and maintenance budgets adopted annually. 

Members of the public may submit donation requests to the Parks and Recreation Division for consideration using a standard " Parks & Recreation Donation Request" form (below), unless otherwise specified through a partnership agreement or pre -determined donation program.

For requests to donate items, or cash to purchase a specific item with a value of $5, 000. 00 or more, a preliminary site visit and discussion between the donor and Parks and Recreation Division staff is often beneficial. Typically, on projects of this magnitude, no design work, processing of permits, or detailed research can be performed until a donation has been approved and items and/ or donated funding are received by the Division or sponsor organization, or a signed agreement by the donor to be delivered by a specific date, has been received. If applicable, a final design must be approved in writing Parks & Recreation staff prior to ordering, manufacture, or construction of any donation items or features. Completed or installed items or features that have not been approved in writing may not be accepted, may be removed, or reasonable requests may be made to correct any unacceptable elements.

The Parks & Recreation Division retains the right to accept or deny donation requests.  Full donation policy (Resolution 19-195)


Recognition of donations (except bench, tree and plant donations) are recognized at the following levels. Each giving level may include one or more forms of recognition from lower giving levels where appropriate. Standards may be refined or modified through a per -determined donation program, fundraising campaign, or partnership agreement developed and administered by, or in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Division.  The dollar amounts below represent cash or equivalent, appraised value.  A  full description of each type of recognition can be found here.

$ 1000 and under Letter of recognition
$ 1000 - $ 5000 Off-site recognition
$ 5000 - $ 10, 000 Temporary sign
$ 10,000 - $ 25, 000 Integrated sign of limited duration
$ 25, 000 and above Plaque or permanent ( approximately 12 years) unless other arrangements for future upkeep are made.

Benches, Trees, and Plant Donations

Benches, trees, and a variety of plant materials are among the most popular types of donations to the City of Casper. 

The City of Casper only accepts benches made of durable, high quality materials.  More information on type and style is provided after a donation request form is received.  Benches may have a plaque or inscription recognizing the gift ("A gift from" or "In Memory of").  The engraving type may be no larger than 3/8".

Trees and plants are accepted by the parks department and will not contain recognition plaques or signs at the location.  The City of Casper practices "Right Tree, Right Place" policies-- meaning that the species and size of tree are based on the location.  Staff will meet with the donor to discuss appropriate placement for trees and plants.  Trees and plants are limited to irrigated areas.  However, there can be no guarantee that trees, plants or shrubs will survive. No agreement will be made by the Division regarding pruning, grafting, or specialized treatment of donated trees. 
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I understand that the City may accept or reject my donation based on criteria in Resolution 19-195 which established provisions and procedures for accepting donations, memorials, and sponsorship contributions.  By clicking submit, I agree to the recognition levels and recognition methods in the resolution.  



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Thank you donors

Casper Rotary - Bouldering Park at Crossroads Park (2021)

Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps - Garden at Fort Casper (2021)

Friends of Dallason Park - Playground Equipment at Dallason Park (2019)

Reveille Rotary- Benches in various parks and along trails (2019, 2020)