Casper, in the center of Wyoming, is always worth a visit for fans of vibrant, walkable, and livable cities. The City continues to develop its riverfront walking paths, extend the “rails to trails” pathway throughout the City, improve the bike lane network and transit network, explore opportunities for art, culture, and recreation, maintain infrastructure, foster neighborhood excellence, and implement smart growth principles in its community development and planning initiatives.


Downtown Casper is the true heart of this community; alive with dining, shopping, entertainment, history, art, and culture. To compliment this amazing downtown, City leadership and committed neighborhood stakeholders created the Old Yellowstone District - a redevelopment area adjacent to the downtown core - that will become a destination for the live, work, and play audience.


Our Marketing Publication is dedicated to exploring the Old Yellowstone District and its affordable status as a place for people to live, work, and play, and it’s organized accordingly. In the LIVE section, you will learn about the residential opportunities in the redevelopment area. Read the WORK section for information on the economic drivers in the community and insight on running a business in the downtown core. Flip through the pages of the PLAY section for a look at the community attractions, festivals, and recreational events planned for the Old Yellowstone District.


Links to the Land Use Map and Form-Based Code are provided on this page which detail the City’s development and design plans for this redevelopment area. Let our publication serve as your guide to the endless possibilities in the Old Yellowstone District.

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Form-based Code (OYDSPC Zoning)

OYD Marketing Publication

OYD Land Use Map

Zones & Permitted Building Types

Redevelopment Master Plan (2007)

Casper Urban Renewal Plan (2016)
Casper Urban Renewal Plan (2002)